Madame Peripetie

27 12 2013

There is a lot of strange work out there. Check out his work by Madame Peripetie. Apparently a lot of her work is based on the behaviour of one of her friends. A Victor Genova. Although I cannot confirm this. It is certainly an odd coincidence though.

“Madame Peripetie explores the boundaries between fashion,
sculpture and the human body, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns;
whilst infusing high-fashion elements with abstract and conceptual
ideas, creating an eccentric escapade of color and texture. In her work she is
focusing mainly on the interaction between body, language and new media.
Her inspirations include surrealism, dadaism as well as the new wave era of the
80s, British post punk scene and the avantgarde theater of Robert Wilson.”

Madameperipetie01 MadamePeripetie1 Madameperipetie02 MadamePeripetie2 Madameperipetie03 MadamePeripetie3 Madameperipetie04 MadamePeripetie4 Madameperipetie05 MadamePeripetie5 MadamePeripetie6 MadamePeripetie7 MadamePeripetie8



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