David Halliday year’s end

31 12 2013

Thought I’d preview what I’m getting printed today. End of the year.

smallAnd they took two of her fingers smallmischief. smallpurgatory smallReading on the beach smallthey're coming to take us. smallto be or not to be.

Max Ernst

30 12 2013

It is always fun and interesting to have a look at Ernst’s work. His use of story line in his collages has had a huge affect on both artists and writers. And the birds…

Max Ernst1 Max Ernst2 Max Ernst3 Max Ernst4 Max Ernst5 Max Ernst6 Max Ernst7 Max Ernst8

Hans Arp

30 12 2013

A dadaist. In a time where art was a statement. There is beauty in his simple images. But…

Hans Arp1 Hans Arp2 Dancer by Hans Arp, (1886-1966), France, Paris, Muse National d'Art de Moderne Hans Arp4 The Doll circa 1936 by Hans Bellmer 1902-1975 Hans Arp7 Hans Art6

Matthew Hickey

29 12 2013

You can almost hear the silence in his work. A moment in a story. A peak into someone else’s soul.

Matthew Hickey1 Matthew Hickey2 Matthew Hickey3 Matthew Hickey4 Matthew Hickey5

Madame Peripetie

27 12 2013

There is a lot of strange work out there. Check out his work by Madame Peripetie. Apparently a lot of her work is based on the behaviour of one of her friends. A Victor Genova. Although I cannot confirm this. It is certainly an odd coincidence though.

“Madame Peripetie explores the boundaries between fashion,
sculpture and the human body, experimenting with various fabrics and patterns;
whilst infusing high-fashion elements with abstract and conceptual
ideas, creating an eccentric escapade of color and texture. In her work she is
focusing mainly on the interaction between body, language and new media.
Her inspirations include surrealism, dadaism as well as the new wave era of the
80s, British post punk scene and the avantgarde theater of Robert Wilson.”

Madameperipetie01 MadamePeripetie1 Madameperipetie02 MadamePeripetie2 Madameperipetie03 MadamePeripetie3 Madameperipetie04 MadamePeripetie4 Madameperipetie05 MadamePeripetie5 MadamePeripetie6 MadamePeripetie7 MadamePeripetie8

Agnes Toth

26 12 2013

“Dichotomy is the main feature of my practice; my work is equally precise and detailed, but also fractured, unfinished and deconstructed. A type of manipulation, where the painting is abstract and realistic at the same time”

Bizarre. Images that seem to come out of left field. Like a Higgs Field.

Agnes Toth1 Agnes Toth2 Agnes Toth3 Agnes Toth4 Agnes Toth5 Agnes Toth6

The God of Six Points

21 12 2013

smallA Pint smallAnderson Sisters smallBurnhamthorpe Bus smallEcho Valley smallHidden Valley smallHumber Valley smallHurricaine Hazel smallIslington Hotel smallIslington House smallJack Sirdevan smallJohnsons smallKingsway smallMalton Airport smallMary smallOld Bill smallOld Jack smallPalais Royale smallShack smallShanahan smallSilverthorn smallThe Village smallThe WifeThese pieces were fictional photographs that I created for a book called The God of Six Points. The book was epublished several years ago and I think I’m going to republish it. The illustrations as I recall were not included in the original manuscript.

Karina Antonczak

20 12 2013

I was having a flashback to the 70s. Acid. And the bombardment of my senses with colour. This artist from Poland has a wonderful facility with the rainbow. Great stuff.

Karina Antonczak1 Karina Antonczak2 Karina Antonczak3 Karina Antonczak4 Karina Antonczak5 Karina Antonczak6

Thu Nguyen

19 12 2013

‘I was born in Saigon, Vietnam. Being very shy, I spent much of my childhood upstairs making quilts, doll clothes, and painting, instead of playing with other children.’

Always an outsider, Thu’s vision of America is very interesting. America looks friendly. And clean.

Thu Nguyen1 Thu Nguyen2 Thu Nguyen3 Thu Nguyen4 Thu Nguyen5 Thu Nguyen6 Thu Nguyen7

A Perfect Eye

18 12 2013

she has such spinly hands… like spiders