Nicole Eisenman

21 11 2013

nicole eisenman     002 nicole eisenman     006 Nicole Eisenman 3 nicole eisenman_biergartenatnightcc-2 B 4147 nicole eisenman5 nicole Eisenman-Night-Studio-300x237 nicole_eisenman_02 nicole_eisenman_04 Nicole_Eisenman_1304125973_0 nicole_eisenman1 nicole_eisenman2 nicole-eisenman-game-show- So much of her work is documentary. Images of contemporary life. Bosch, Brueghel, the paintings of cafe life in turn of the century Paris. Or the works of pre-war (2) in Berlin. The paintings remind me of walking through a crowd in a bar on my way to the WC. Lovely work. Nicole Eisenman.



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