Regine La Fata

30 11 2013

Her work is simple. Controlled. Almost naive. It captures something about light. How it grazes objects. Hardly identifying details. And then there are the stories that are implied by each piece. One asks ‘why’ and then ‘what happened here’.

Regina La Fata5 Regina La Fata6 Regina La Fata7 Regine La Fata1 Regine La Fata2 Regine La Fata3 Regine La Fata4 Regine La Fata9

rafal olbinski

28 11 2013

I hate the expression clever. It implies that someone is intelligent but reaching higher than he should. rafal olbinski’s work is clever. And fun to look at. What does it all mean? No idea.

Rafal Oblinski1 RAFAL OLBINSKI  610 Rafal Olbinski Paintings 22 Rafal Olbinski2 rafal olbinski16 rafal olbinski21 rafal olbinskila-boheme-art-print rafal_olbinski_polky_5 rafal-olbinski8

David Halliday

27 11 2013

My other blog ‘hallidd’ has just expired. I ran out of space. It was a blog in which I ran my own stuff as opposed to this blog where I present other artists. If you are interested in hallidd just tap hallidd or you can try fracking my images.

I am yellow  v2

George Hugnet

26 11 2013

Hugnet was part of the surrealist movement in the 30s. He was later expelled from the group. In a lot of his work he seems preoccupied with females. But he does little with the form. Like a lot of early collages, his work appears frantic, slapped down in a  hurry to give an impression of a lack of concentrated thought. As if the images did not come from intelligence but impulse.

Hugnet 1 Hugnet 2 Hugnet 3 Hugnet 4 Hugnet 5george hugnet1 IMG_3266 george hugnet3 george hugnet4 george hugnet5

Anita O’Day

25 11 2013

This singer is one of the most alluring figures I have ever seen on stage. Her life was tragic. But listen to that voice. A poem about her appears in my ebook, Saints of Jazz


Anita O’Day (October 18, 1919 – November 23, 2006)

The doctors leaned over. Slit open Anita’s throat. Like they were parting the Red Sea. Like they were opening a zipper. White Studebakers rolled slowly down the lane. Her eyes opened with surprise. A gurgle that sounded like laughter.

On the road. Cheek against the glass. Too many buses. Too many stops. In empty rooms. Too many handsome men with dark sunglasses. And wicked laughs. Garters slid so slowly down a calf. And you sometimes had to wait hours. For the sun to reappear. Empty hearts. And wallets. Promises were made. So sweet. The morning light. Stockings over chairs.

Raped in a gas station washroom. 31 storms crossed 6 states. Killing 340. The worst smog in London. Four to 8,000 died. But who’s counting. The floor was wet. And the mirror was out of focus. A radio was crying. A Studebaker pulled up for gas.

Too many hangers dripping. With dreams. Too many office buildings after hours. Elevators out of service. Too much talk about nothing. A heart sling. Gin, lemon juice, sugar, and soda. And His name in vain. Thrown at the shadows from the chair over there. Too many cloudy mirrors. Too many cheap diners. Too many miles going nowhere. Too many walls for company.

Andrew Mamo

24 11 2013

His art has been called naive. It has a quality that is somewhere between a fairy tale and a nightmare. Andrew Mamo.

andrew mamo1 andrew mamo2 andrew mamo3 andrew mamo4 andrew mamo5 andrew mamo6 andrew mamo7

Alexey Kurbatov

23 11 2013

Craftsmanship and imagination. Alexey Kurbatov’s work is very exciting.

AlexeyKurbatov2 AlexeyKurbatov3 AlexeyKurbatov4 AlexeyKurbatov5 AlexeyKurbatov7 Alexey-Kurbatov11 Alexey-Kurbatov12 Alexey-Kurbatov13 Alexey-Kurbatov14

Julia Geiser

22 11 2013

I love this kind of collage. Filled with creative and humorous episodes. Very few dark images. A kind of Pollyanna view of life. But lots of fun.

Julia Geiser1 Julia Geiser2 Julia Geiser3 Julia Geiser4 Julia Geiser5 Julia Geiser6 Julia Geiser7 Julia Geiser8

Nicole Eisenman

21 11 2013

nicole eisenman     002 nicole eisenman     006 Nicole Eisenman 3 nicole eisenman_biergartenatnightcc-2 B 4147 nicole eisenman5 nicole Eisenman-Night-Studio-300x237 nicole_eisenman_02 nicole_eisenman_04 Nicole_Eisenman_1304125973_0 nicole_eisenman1 nicole_eisenman2 nicole-eisenman-game-show- So much of her work is documentary. Images of contemporary life. Bosch, Brueghel, the paintings of cafe life in turn of the century Paris. Or the works of pre-war (2) in Berlin. The paintings remind me of walking through a crowd in a bar on my way to the WC. Lovely work. Nicole Eisenman.

Loren Munk

20 11 2013

They remind me of the comic section of the weekend paper when I was a kid. There was always some kind of puzzle. And  that’s what these are. Puzzles for your head. And eyes. It is gibberish with fun. Pretension and larfs. Loren Munk.  He may have re-established the legitimacy of cynicism as a viable critique of art.

Loren Munk1 Loren Munk2 Loren Munk3 Loren Munk4 Loren Munk5 Loren Munk6