Ieva Baklane

31 10 2013

Love this artist’s work. The simplicity. Flat surfaces. Story telling. And her choice of colours. Look at those blues. Ieva Baklane

eva baklane2 eva baklane3 eva baklane4 eva baklane5 eva baklane6 eva baklane7 eva baklane8 Eva Blaklane1

Florin Ion Firimiţã

30 10 2013

This artist is like a small industry. He is writer, artist, musician. He’s had a movie made about his life. And I like his work. There are a lot of ideas in it. Visual ideas that are always fun. From the little I read, his writing seems to be filled with the same sensitivity. This is a man of great introspection.

FlorinIonFirimita1 FlorinIonFirimita2 FlorinIonFirimita3 FlorinIonFirimita4 FlorinIonFirimita5 FlorinIonFirimita6

Jorg Immendorff

29 10 2013

A lot of Jorg Immendorff’s work looks like it is on fire. I get the impression of a man who wants to be in the present. To create an urgency in a medium which by its nature is static. He wants to say something.

I think it is this passion that makes Immendorff create paintings that have a collage affect. Like the generation of posters hanging on walls. Some partly torn off, some almost completely covered, some glorifying in their complete newness.

Immendorff_01 Immendorff_02 Immendorff_03 Immendorff_04 Immendorff_05 Immendorff_06


Randall Jay

28 10 2013

His images seem to wander. Between the photo and the scribble. Many of them have landscapes familiar to those who study Japanese art. I imagine that one’s impression would increase dramatically if one were looking at the originals.

Randall Jay1 Randall Jay2 Randall Jay3 Randall Jay4 RAndall Jay5 Randall Jay6 Randall Jay7


28 10 2013

A new sight giving exposure new art. Its called, “I am a gallery, too”

a1 a2 a3 a4 b1 b2 b3 Ballerina 1 Ballerina 2 Ballerina 3 Ballerina 4c1 c2 c3 d1 d2 e1 e2

Robert Bender

27 10 2013

Robert Bender found Jesus. And yet his wonderful photographs are about the very ordinary. Perhaps to him, he sees the wonder of God in them. What I see are stories. Stories waiting to be released.

Robert Bender1 Robert Bender2 Robert Bender3 Robert Bender4 Robert Bender5 Robert Bender6

Street Art in India

27 10 2013


Graffiti isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of art forms in India, and true to that assumption what we had been seeing so far in our travels came in more traditional forms and content – lots of sculptures and pictures depicting gods, history and legends.


It was pretty awesome when we also started to stumble upon less traditional subject matter and techniques as well as re-interpretations of key icons.


IMG_4881In Agra, Dan decided to be lazy and while the other guys walked back to the hotel he decided he would catch a lift on an auto rickshaw.  An striking piece caught his eye so Dan asked the driver to stop so he could take a picture.IMG_4613Impressed with Dan’s enthusiasm, the driver then mentioned that he knew where more walls were and would be happy to take Dan there.  Rupees were handed over and off they went! IMG_4614 The…

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Madame Peripetie

24 10 2013

This artist, Madame Peripetie, is endlessly inventive. She is funny, outlandish, mind blowing, exciting. You can find her work here

Well worth the trip.

Madameperipetie01 MadamePeripetie1 Madameperipetie02 MadamePeripetie2 Madameperipetie03 MadamePeripetie3 Madameperipetie04 MadamePeripetie4 Madameperipetie05 MadamePeripetie5 MadamePeripetie6 MadamePeripetie7 MadamePeripetie8

David LaChapelle

23 10 2013

Described as a surrealist photographer, his work is filled with messages, commentary, puns, and lots of fun. David LaChapelle.

COKE-01David Lachapelle2 David Lachapelle3 David Lachapelle4 David Lachapelle5 David Lachapelle6 David Lachapelle7 David Lachapelle8

Helmet Newton

23 10 2013

Newton must be one of the most recognizable and controversial photographers in some time. He is best known for his fashion photography and photos of famous people. What’s gotten most attention is his nudes. They are always arresting. All of his photographs that I have seen looked staged. And because of that they remind me of collages. The parts of his pieces are not there by happenchance. Nor are they natural. But they do seem to be like scenes from a story/film. There is a atmosphere in his photos of fascism. A kind of fetish for the 40s. Like a wet dream and a nightmare at the same time.

helmut_newton1 helmut_newton2 helmut_newton3 helmut_newton4 helmut_newton5 helmut_newton6 helmut_newton7