Peter Lewis

20 09 2013

Peter Lewis is an Austalian collagist. His work is fun. Full of colour and images, mostly drawn either from some 50′s world of his fantasy or the Victorian age. He has made a wonderful little video where he talks about his work. It is quite illuminating. The one draw back is the downloads you are allowed at his sight are so small you can’t really appreciate what he has done.

PLewis1 PLewis2 PLewis3 PLewis4 PLewis5 PLewis6

Lee Harvey Roswell

19 09 2013

Lee Harvey Roswell. Read his name and you get an idea where he is coming from. This is Dali in the 21st century. The court jester. His works are exuberant. His mind is like a scrap heap of visual images. Craftsmanship and imagination. What a combination

LeeHarveyRoswell1 LeeHarveyRoswell2 LeeHarveyRoswell3 LeeHarveyRoswell4 LeeHarveyRoswell5 LeeHarveyRoswell6 LeeHarveyRoswell7

Levi van Veluw

18 09 2013

There must be something in the Dutch blood. They create some of the most bizarre visual pieces you will see. You ask yourself ‘where did they come up with that idea?’. Levi van Veluw is such an artist.  You’ve got to love it.

Levi van Veluw – “Landscape video” (2008) from HILDA magazine on Vimeo.

Levi van Veluw1 Levi van Veluw2 Levi van Veluw3 Levi van Veluw4


17 09 2013

Perhaps the greatest response I have had to a blog is the blog I did on Rauzier. Sometimes you just want to cry. You see something that is so interesting. Intriguing. Something you never thought of. (Until you wife tells you what it reminds you of). Its called hyperphotos. Take some time at this sight and… (forgive me)  you’ll blow your mind.

Rauzier1 Rauzier2 Rauzier3 Rauzier4 Rauzier5 Rauzier6

Golnas Afraz

16 09 2013

I am constantly struck by modern art. Once in the eye. By their relationship with collage. This parade of images on the canvas disregarding pomp and gravity. And avoiding the pose. As if the painting itself were not posed but just captured a moment (aka photo). Most of Afraz’s subjects seem passive. Waiting for something. Reflective perhaps. Lost in thought. Or just bored. Golnas Afraz

Golnaz Afraz  (13) Golnaz Afraz  1 Golnaz Afraz 2 Golnaz Afraz 4 Golnaz Afraz 11 golnaz-afraz-5

The Master and the Girl

15 09 2013

Love these photographs. The girl looks very Dutch.

Publication: Vogue Netherlands October 2013
Model: Ymre Stiekema
Photographer: Erwin Olaf
Fashion Editor: Marije Goekoop
Hair: Jean Luc Amarin
Make-up: Kathinka Gernant

Arnau Alemany

15 09 2013

Odd when you read about artist who was born in the same year as yourself. Such is Arnau Alemany. His work has this odd appeal. It is very organic. As if urban rural life were one and the same. And dated. Something in the late 19th century. And naive. Not in its conception but its themes. Pastoral in quality the cities have none of the ugliness of most cities. Everything is tidy. Controlled. In sync. But where are the people?

Having said this, the work is beutiful. (I left the ‘a’ out)

Arnau1 Arnau2 Arnau3 Arnau4 Arnau5