The Master and the Girl

15 09 2013

Love these photographs. The girl looks very Dutch.

Publication: Vogue Netherlands October 2013
Model: Ymre Stiekema
Photographer: Erwin Olaf
Fashion Editor: Marije Goekoop
Hair: Jean Luc Amarin
Make-up: Kathinka Gernant

Arnau Alemany

15 09 2013

Odd when you read about artist who was born in the same year as yourself. Such is Arnau Alemany. His work has this odd appeal. It is very organic. As if urban rural life were one and the same. And dated. Something in the late 19th century. And naive. Not in its conception but its themes. Pastoral in quality the cities have none of the ugliness of most cities. Everything is tidy. Controlled. In sync. But where are the people?

Having said this, the work is beutiful. (I left the ‘a’ out)

Arnau1 Arnau2 Arnau3 Arnau4 Arnau5