Berni Stephanus

11 09 2013

Berni Stephanus is one fabulous artist. ( I say this because I love his work. (And so much of it reminds me of my own work.) His work is filled with that sense of urgency and energy (violence) you see in the best collage work. He started doing collage work in the late-sixties. I started about the same time. (I really got into it when I was unemployed and spent my days watching the Montreal Olympics.) A lot of his work has stories attached to them. And of course there is humour. Read his bio. He’s had an interesting journey.

stephanus1 stephanus2 stephanus3 stephanus4 stephanus5 stephanus6 stephanus7 stephanus8 Stephanus9 Stephanus10berni stephanus 2 berni stephanus 5 Berni Stephanus1 berni stephanus3 berni stephanus4 berni stephanus6



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