Karolus Diversion

10 09 2013

This is an artist who goes by the name Karolusdiversion. (http://karolusdiversion.deviantart.com/) As you can see looking at his work he has used some of the filter tools in photoshop. But his results are ‘WOWSER’. They are dramatic. Eye catching. Whether that first inital reaction wears off is another story. They would make great magazine covers. I’m quite sure they would catch anyone’s attention. Also the images are highly sexual. Which to a prudish audience could be a problem.

Karolusdiversion1 Karolusdiversion2 Karolusdiversion3 Karolusdiversion4 Karolusdiversion5 Karolusdiversion6 Karolusdiversion7

Alex Andreyev

10 09 2013

To say that Alex Andreyev’s work was not mind blowing, would be quibbling. A lot of his work is in the realm of science fiction or fantasy. And so lovely to look at. And imagine. Filled with wonderful visual ideas. He is Russian. Living in St. Petersborough.

Alex AndreivAlex Andreyev1 Alex Andreyev2alex_andreev_art03 alex_andreyev_62