Rai Escale

9 09 2013

Beautiful portraits. Some of his work has a translucent look like he covered the piece in urethane or some clear oil.

Rai Escale1 Rai Escale2 Rai Escale3 Rai Escale4 Rai Escale5 Rai Escale6 Rai Escale7 Rai Escale8

Dorothea Tanning

9 09 2013

I knew almost nothing about Dorothea Tanning. Nothing would be an exaggeration. Her work is wonderful. A surrealist who changed her style in mid-stream, she had an exceptional life. (As far as I can tell.) She was married to Max Ernst, one of my favourite artists. I’m still investigating. We’ll call it research. I think I’m just nosy.

Dorothea Tanning1 Dorothea Tanning2 Dorothea Tanning3 Dorothea Tanning4 Dorothea Tanning5