Emma Hesse

5 09 2013

Light is flimsy. And musical. It falls over a chair, through a silk blouse. Like wind in a sail. What lovely work Emma Hesse creates.

Emma Hesse1 Emma Hesse2 Emma Hesse3 Emma Hesse4 Emma Hesse5 Emma Hesse6


Philippe Deliere

5 09 2013

I borrow your pictures to create mine, trying to recycle advertising into some kind of beauty and add some sense to the non-sense.

This is Mr. Deliere’s artist’s statement. Short, concise. To the point. His work is more about story telling. And the work seems very aggressive. Always there is at least one figure addressing the viewer. And often enough it is aggressive. The pieces often seem like dream stories. Almost mythic. (I think I might be going over the line there.) But I like this Frenchman’s work.

deliere1 deliere2 deliere3 deliere4 deliere5