Kai Fagerström

4 09 2013

These pics of animals in an abandoned cottage are  Disney like. You almost expect them to talk. They have charm boarding on cuteness. Kai Fagerstrom.

kai-fagerstrom-3 Kai-Fagerstrom-18Kai Fagerström1 Kai Fagerström2 Kai Fagerström4 Kai Fagerstrom5

Jonathan Talbot

4 09 2013

To be an artist is to imagine new possibilities and create new realities. The nature of tomorrow’s realities, balanced as they are on the fulcrum of today, will depend on whether or not each of us responds artfully, creatively, and with integrity to the challenges which face us. The more we exercise our personal and social artistry, the more likely it is that we will enjoy a fully realized future.’

This is part of Jonathan Talbot’s artist’s statement. He is a very successful artist. Check out his sight. I have included his work here for that reason. All of the pieces I have talked about on this blog I like to one degree or another. (Whatever that means.) So I thought I should present something that does not fall into that category.

In my original review of this work I was very negative. Enough of that. Life is too short.

Talbot1 Talbot2 Talbot3 Talbot4 Talbot5 Talbot6