Joni Mitchell

3 09 2013

When I was in my terror period, I was entranced by Joni Mitchell. Something about those big teeth and that lovely blonde hair. But she got too cute for me. And I discovered that I couldn’t stand her voice. (Couldn’t stand the voice of Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, or Joan Baez either. Loved Ella’s voice. Still do. And Peggy Lee. And Anita Day.)  I decided to look at some of Ms. Mitchell’s art. I’ve always like it. But one subject she never seems tired of and that is herself. Or maybe that’s just show biz.

Joni Mitchell1 Joni Mitchell2 Joni Mitchell3 Joni Mitchell4 Joni Mitchell5 Joni Mitchell6 Joni Mitchell7 Joni Mitchell8 Joni Mitchell9 Joni Mitchell10 109123J= Joni Mitchell12 Joni Mitchell13



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