13 08 2013

I only know this artist as Conor. He started out as a graffitti artist. Since then he has expanded. His work is just fabulous.

Check out his websight and blog. Conor says boom.

Conor1 Conor2 Conor3 Conor4 Conor5 Conor6 Conor7 Conor8 Conor9 Conor10 Conor11 Conor12 Conor13

Sammy Slabbinck

13 08 2013

Sammy Slabbinck.

Some of his work is fun. Some is very clever. Others are pedestrian. I don’t mean that I like or dislike based on those categories. But there is an inconsistency in his work. Still I do love his good work.

sammy slabbinck12 Sammy-Slabbinck_web3 Sammy-Slabbinck_web4 sammy-slabbinck-1 Sammy-Slabbinck3 sammy-slabbinck-3 sammy-slabbinck-4 sammy-slabbinck-5 sammy-slabbinck-7 sammy-slabbinck-8