Marwane Pallas

31 08 2013

Artist of the absurd. Of pain. Regret. Stories of anxiety (how things could have turned out). Mystery. Marwane Pallas.

Marwane Pallas1 Marwane Pallas2 Marwane Pallas3 Marwane Pallas4 Marwane Pallas5 Marwane Pallas6 Marwane Pallas7

Jacub Wojewoda

30 08 2013

Jacub is basically a photographer. But some of his work has the quality of collages. In his case he stages his photos. But they are arresting. The black and white of the two lovers  is almost iconic.

Jacub Wojewoda5 Jacub Wojewoda6 Jacub Wojewoda7 Jacub Wojewoda8 jakub_wojewoda1 jakub_wojewoda2 jakub_wojewoda3 jakub-wojewoda-c2a0


Susannia Lakner

29 08 2013

The work of Susannia Lakner is both playful and colourful. Of course some pieces work better than others. Sometimes when you see a smaller version of the work it is difficult to see  how the pieces work with each other. Almost invisible seamless pieces suddenly appear when blown up. Susannia does not try and hide her edges but works with them.

SusanniaLackner1 SusanniaLackner2 SusanniaLackner3

Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh

28 08 2013

I love portraits. Mr. Khajeh offers a very unique insight. His women look so strong. And independent.

Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh1 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh2 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh3 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh4 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh5 Ehsan Ghanbarzad Khajeh6

J. Philip White

27 08 2013

Mr. White’s work is filled with arresting images. His work is another example of pieces where I have found the same pics that I used. These I believe have been heavily photoshoped. And they look great. He’s also blown them up to a larger size which I have done myself. And he sells his work. Which I have not done so much. Good for  him. I had a good time looking at Mr. White’s work. I think you might as well.

‘Much of my art deals with the subject of man’s inhumanity to man. My artistic aspirations are to heighten the viewers awareness of what has happened and what is happening to the human condition today as well as to raise pertinent questions and, ideally, to evoke an emotional and thought-provoking response. Admittedly, there are some scenes that may confront the psyche as shocking at first, but my hope is that upon closer examination and after further contemplation, these pieces will reveal themselves in the positive way in which they are intended.

white1 white2 white3 white4 white5J Philip White1 J Philip White2 J Philip White3

Denise Prince

27 08 2013

Her work is filled with stories. Almost brutal memories. And yet everything is staged. Things are disjointed. Melodramatic and yet powerful. Denise Prince.

Denise Prince2 Denise Prince5 Denise Prince6 Denise Prince7 Denise Prince8 DenisePrinc3 DenisePrince1

Brian Zenk

26 08 2013

Like quicksand. That’s the way Brian Zenk’s sight is. Once you’re in everything moves. And it is bright. Neon madness. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a sight like this one. Nothing stands still. Its wonderful stuff but be warned.

Brian Zenk1 Brian Zenk2 brian Zenk3 Brian Zenk4