Ronald Hall

26 07 2013

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa USA I am a painter who wants to use his art to make a difference in the world.In addition to creating images about my life experiences, I attempt to demonstrate through my art, my interpretation of historical relations in the context of race and identity in America.

I wish I had a Ronald Hall work hanging in my house. Unfortunately I have little money and little walls. But I do love his work. Its both gritty and sophisticated. There is a mix of naive work with street art.

Ronald Hall1 Ronald Hall2 Ronald Hall3 Ronald Hall4 Ronald Hall5 Ronald Hall6 Ronald Hall7Ronald Hall8


John Heartfield

26 07 2013

He was by any standard a courageous man. His fight against Nazism was at the core of much of his work. So was humor. He snickered. Made Hitler look like the school yard bully, that he was.

JohnHeartfelt1 JohnHeartfelt2 JohnHeartfelt3 JohnHeartfelt4 JohnHeartfelt5John Heartfield1 John Heartfield3 John Heartfield4 John Heartfield5 John Heartfield6 John Heartfield7 John Heartfield8

Rhiannon Sweet

26 07 2013

Ms. Sweet is a romantic. She believes passionately in the salvation of the human soul through art. She is young. Her work is alive. And she has ideas. Both visual and intellectual. I found myself quite enjoying her search and that is what it is, both explicitly and implictly. My guess is that she can be a lot of fun. And very self-centred. Not bad qualities in a young artist. If she is not so young, I am still right. Her soul is young.

RhiannonSweet1 RhiannonSweet2 RhiannonSweet3 RhiannonSweet4 RhiannonSweet5 RhiannonSweet6