Carson Barnes

17 06 2013

So much of this work looks like blodders from a police station. Or maybe I’m watching too many CSI programs. But I could see them used as a lead in to a movie. They have a look of information, story line, and speculation.

Carson Barnes1 Carson Barnes2 Carson Barnes3 Carson Barnes4 carson Barnes5 Carson Barnes6 Carson Barnes7 Carson Barnes8



3 responses

23 08 2013
Carson Barnes

That’s spelled “blotters.” Well it’s pretty old work, nothing here newer than 1996 or 1997 I think. How did you find me?

24 08 2013
David Halliday

Forgive an old man his spelling. To tell you the truth I can’t remember how I found your work. I was surfing the web when they just jumped out at me. Great work. I will look for your newer work.

2 03 2016

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