Daisy Clarke

17 06 2013

Daisy Clarke.

She brings several views of the world to her pieces. One is a belief in a fairytale world of romance. Another is a naivety. And a third is a compulsion for story telling. And the work itself has muted colours and an almost mundane structure which adds to their charm.

The moment a fairy tale move’s from light to dark,
The sound of the wind through the pines, the sentience of animals,
Far beyond the edge the cloud’s,
What we fear in the dark and what lie’s beyond fear.

DaisyClarke1 DaisyClarke2 DaisyClarke3 DaisyClarke4 DaisyClarke5 DaisyClarke6

Carson Barnes

17 06 2013

So much of this work looks like blodders from a police station. Or maybe I’m watching too many CSI programs. But I could see them used as a lead in to a movie. They have a look of information, story line, and speculation.

Carson Barnes1 Carson Barnes2 Carson Barnes3 Carson Barnes4 carson Barnes5 Carson Barnes6 Carson Barnes7 Carson Barnes8