Mary Virginia Carmack

15 06 2013

This artist has a ton of terrific work. There is a variety of styles in her collages and her photo work is also superb.

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Have You Ever Seen Electric Blue Trees?

15 06 2013

this just looks so bizarre

Pride in Photos



Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos has colored some of Seattle’s trees a vibrant, ultramarine blue as part of his international art installation “The Blue Trees.”

The project, at Westlake Park and the Burke-Gilman Trail in Kenmore, is meant to draw attention to deforestation.

Dimopoulos isn’t using paint, as he doesn’t intend to turn the trees permanently blue. Instead, the colorant is made from azurite — a vibrant blue rock — and water.

“Blue is not a color we normally associate with trees, so he is transforming the trees,” said the artist’s wife and manager, Adele Dimopoulos. “This creates a pause for people to stop and actually notice the trees.”

Over time, the vibrant blue will fade and be washed away by rain.

His hope is that by creating a striking contrast between what trees look like normally and the blue that he will color them, he can get people to stop and…

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