Max Klinger

7 06 2013

His work is odd. Eccentric. He does seem like a child of his times. The psychological insights. The industrialism of thought. Max Klinger.

Max Klinger1 Max Klinger2 Max Klinger3 Max Klinger4 Max Klinger5 Max Klinger6 Max Klinger7 Max Klinger8 Max Klinger9 Max Klinger11 Max Klinger12

Sabrina Dimitriu

7 06 2013

I love this artist’s work. It is playful. She takes wonderful photos and then doodles on them. They appear whimsical. But the affect is beautiful.

SabinaDimitriu1 SabinaDimitriu2 SabinaDimitriu3 SabinaDimitriu4 SabinaDimitriu5 SabinaDimitriu6