Robin Chandler

4 06 2013

Some artists achieve what my professors at university called ‘a voice’. Chandler has achieved this. The work has a distinctive quality, a signature that belongs to this artist. It is “artsy”. By that I mean that it demands to be studied. When I was younger I recall many times in workshops poets/writers explaining their work. As if they had writen for the purpose of being studied in the classroom. In Chandler’s own voice. ‘Artists are concerned with the poetic treatment of that same conceptual space, only in tactile or plastic form. Using abstraction as an approach to form – human and anthropomorphic creatures, lush images of vegetation- and a color palette from highly saturated color to a black-gold/silver palette, I amassed a set of repeated forms which rush through the picture plane. My work seeks a symmetry and a depth of field through a “layering” of forms across a space-time continuum creating a “visual language”. Working with an assortment of papers-mostly handmade or imported- and testing and mixing several adhesives, the task was then to devise a logistical means for sequencing and arranging each layer of each dimension on the picture plane to create an illusion of hyperspace or depth of field.’

Having said all this, I still find Chandler’s work appealing. They are colourful, professionally done with great craftsmanship. Very painterly.

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