Nigel Tomm

2 06 2013

When I was about 13, a friend and I found a shopping bag filled with magazines of naked women. As you can imagine this was Valhalla for teenage boys. But all the magazines had been soaked in weeks of rain. As we opened the magazines, the pages peeled off like skin. The ink from one page ran off onto the picture on the opposite page. Very bizarre pictures were created. This is what crossed my mind when I ran across Nigel Tomm’s work. And it completely blew me away. The images are crumpled, almost disposable. And they are very powerful.

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Ronnie Wood

2 06 2013

Long ago I fell out of affection for the Rolling Stones. I lost interest about the time that Brian Jones died. So I wasn’t that familiar with his replacements, one of them being Ronnie Wood. And then I saw his artwork. And it is very good.

Ronnie Wood1 Ronnie Wood2 Ronnie Wood3 Ronnie Wood4 Ronnie Wood5 Ronnie Wood6 Ronnie Wood7