a bullet in the head

30 05 2013

the machine is timed to collapse. its number comes up. they say its a virus. how do I know. how do i know they didn’t put a virus in the machine. with a timer. to go off in 9 to 12 months. i’m feeling paranoid. maybe there’s a virus in me. i’m glad our gun laws in canada are strict. otherwise i’d put a bullet in the head of the machine. and then empty another in mine.


Bruce New

21 05 2013

Portraits again. But from a different perspective. Variety, expansive imagination, innovative, craftsmanship, all are evident in Bruce New’s work. I am going to have to make a habit of returning to this artist’s sight.

brucenew1 brucenew2 brucenew3 brucenew4 brucenew5 brucenew6 brucenew7

Tim Tadder

21 05 2013

I don’t know what it is about distortion that creates interesting pictures. Whether its water, glass, reflections, things look interesting. And so we have the work of Tim Tadder.

Tim Tadder1 Tim Tadder2 Tim Tadder3 Tim Tadder4 Tim Tadder5

Tim Tadder – BEHIND THE SCENES from New Wave Media Productions on Vimeo.

Nikita Nomerz

20 05 2013

Nikita Nomerz

I love street art. And this artist’s work is fabulous.

Nikita Nomerz1 Nikita Nomerz2 Nikita Nomerz3 Nikita Nomerz4 Nikita Nomerz5 Nikita Nomerz6 Nikita Nomerz7 Nikita Nomerz8 Nikita Nomerz9

Stenograffiya Festival – 2013 from Nikita Nomerz on Vimeo.

Mark Boellard

18 05 2013

Boellaard creates collages of the simplest order. They are often photographs with a few small changes. But the changes are everything.

Boellaard1 Boellaard2 Boellaard3 Boellaard4

Henrietta Harris

17 05 2013

Henrietta Harris 

Some of these pieces work wonderfully. They give you the feeling of displacement, a mind drifting, thoughts. Others on the other hand seem gimmicky.

Art of Pleasure – Henrietta Harris from Kronenbourg1664NZ on Vimeo.

Henrietta Harris1 Henrietta Harris2 Henrietta Harris3 Henrietta Harris4 Henrietta Harris5 Henrietta Harris6 Henrietta Harris7 Henrietta Harris8

Barry Kite

16 05 2013

This is what was written about Barry Kite:

‘After receiving his B.F.A. in film from UCLA, Chicago-born Barry Kite spent the next five years traveling overseas. Returning to the San Francisco Bay area, he wrote and performed his own style of surreal poetry in local coffee houses. Renewing his interest in collage, he combined photographic and hand-coloring techniques to create the foundation of his current work.’

The guy is a self-starter, free enterpriser. And he’s fun.

Barry Kite1 Barry Kite2 Barry Kite3 Barry Kite4 Barry Kite5 Barry Kite6

Fatima Marques

16 05 2013

Religious imagery. Iconic figures. This collage of the sentimental imagery of Christendom with images of modern life. It has an odd effect. There is an innocence and sincerity that is difficult to resist.

Fatima Marques1 Fatima Marques2 Fatima Marques3 Fatima Marques4 Fatima Marques5 Fatima Marques6

Erwan Le Vourch

15 05 2013

Le Vourch uses both digital and cut and paste for his collages. I think his digital collages are more affective. Although I like the courage to do simple collages, many of these cut and paste collages seem pedestrian. But just when you’re opinion sours you run across a collage that is enlightening and fun. Perhaps it is all subjective.

erwan le vourch1 erwan le vourch2 erwan le vourch3 erwan le vourch4 erwan le vourch5 erwan le vourch6

Nathan Walsh

14 05 2013

“I deal exclusively with the urban landscape and aim to present a painted world which in some ways resembles the world we live in. I am fascinated by the city, it’s visual complexity and constant state of flux. The act of painting is an attempt fix this information and give vision to our experience of living within it.”

So says Nathan Walsh. His paintings have the detail of precision. His paintings are not stories. The object of his affection are the buildings and streets. Not the people. And they are marvelous to look at.

Nathan Walsh1 Nathan Walsh2 Nathan Walsh3 Nathan Walsh4 Nathan Walsh5