Carmen Cruzat

30 04 2013

Her collage work reminds me of the naive artists like Henri Rousseau and Grandman Moses. One feels a sense of peace and tranquility when looking at her work. I know I dozed off several times. (That isn’t sarcasm. My back has been giving me problems and the pain went away as I looked at Cruzat’s work.)

Carmen Cruzat is a Chilean artist based in Santiago. She was born in 1987 and studied at the Universidad Catolica in Chile and her interest in printmaking also led her to study at Cantral St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. Through collage, she brings together 19th-century photographs and the world of her own imagination to create surrealistic new artworks. Discarded portraits of people with unknown pasts are given a new life through these suggestive images which invite us to project our own imagined narratives onto them.

Carmen Cruzat1 Carmen Cruzat2 Carmen Cruzat3 Carmen Cruzat4 Carmen Cruzat5 Carmen Cruzat6 Carmen Cruzat7



One response

10 05 2013

I very much agree with all of your comments and have really enjoyed all your posts I have read so far.

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