Howard Mason

22 04 2013

You can see right into their souls. Great story telling. And wonderful ‘ordinariness’ in the best sense. Each of his paintings is like a chapter of Tolstoi.

Spent most of childhood in London. I love to paint figurative work showing emotions and daily life experiences. I am fascinated by expressions and the colours of skin. In 2000 I decided to find a job…

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Mikko Rantanen

22 04 2013

What a lot of people don’t realize about Miko is that he represented the Finnish Olympic team in Soho, 1926. Unfortunately he was disqualified for foul language only yards away from the finish line.


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Miko Rantanen

Some artists are different, odd, and interesting. There is in Mikko Rantanen‘s work the look of a child’s sensitivity. He combines cut-outs of flat spaces with collage pieces in clever and amusing ways.

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