Chris Anthony

18 04 2013

What is a room with no doors? Your mind.


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Anthony has an interest in rooms. Me too. They have the same borders as a painting. And you can think inside them.

There is something about confined spaces where actions go on. It is theatre. Even if those confined spaces are the universe. I have also added some of my examples of rooms.

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Patrick Early Hammie

18 04 2013

I’m not sure what I’m looking at. The sense of narrative in the pieces gives one the impression that it is a play. Or a film. There is no background for context. They are naked so the narrative becomes abstract. It is about the male and female body.

PATRICK EARL HAMMIE (b. in 1981, New Haven, Connecticut) is best known for his monumental portraits that adopt body language and narrative to reinvent and remix ideal beauty and heroic nudity. His paintings explore the tension between power and vulnerability and examine how male artists have historically represented themselves and the nude. Coming of age in a generation that is post-Civil Rights and post-Second Wave Feminism, Patrick has situated himself in the discourse of contemporary art that questions constructions of self and social identity, gender politics and race. Patrick characterizes his work as “an effort to reconcile inner duality, transcend typical masculine ideals and yield to new realities that require constant compromise and change.”

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