Claire Robertson

16 04 2013

Juxtaposition. One of those x words. Claire Robertson’s work is unique. She uses horses to tell stories. And because they are horses they look awkward in their new abodes.  It is as if she were making sarcastic remarks about story telling.

Claire Robertson1 Claire Robertson2 Claire Robertson3 Claire Robertson4 Claire Robertson5 Claire Robertson6 Claire Robertson7

Hanna Ilczyszyn

16 04 2013

They are about children. And yet I find Hanna Llczyszyn very disturbing. The children are hiding. Some seem to have been injured. There is in their posture and unsettling sense of something. Something wicked has happened.

Hanna Llczyszyn1 Hanna Llczyszyn2 Hanna Llczyszyn3 Hanna Llczyszyn4 Hanna Llczyszyn5