“Get Up” by Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement

13 04 2013

Something for Saturday night.

I Who Have Nothing

13 04 2013

Have always loved this song. It is over the edge. And no one sings over the edge songs like Shirley Bassey. And then there is Joe Cocker’s version. And Tom Jones. But my favourite is Terry Knight and the Pack. Terry Knight was a disc jokey at CKLW in Windsor Ontario when I was going to school there. He does the song in the tradition of kleenex tissue songs like Leader of the Pack. Great stuff.

young girl

Jeff Harp

13 04 2013

Theses pics reflect my state of mind on Saturday evenings. I miss my wife.


power of h Weblog

Jeff Harp loves to play with old Edwardian photos. Especially faces. The pictures remind me of the old freak shows that they used to show at carnivals. It makes us harken back to old fairy tales and the fears of children. Goblins, witches, and ghouls. There was both horror and romance in these tales. But underlying all of it was a sort of primeval fear of the ‘different’.

I have done many pieces based on the human face. Here are a few below. They differ a lot from Harp’s work. He retains the visual unity of his original photographs. I have taken pieces from dozens of photos for the one piece.

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such small hands

13 04 2013

If John Lennon were alive today I think he might have written a song like this one. Its over the top. but still very interesting.