Miguel Laino

7 04 2013

My work tends to be an interpretation of images from online and print media that I find compelling on some level, without over-analyzing the reasons why they are of interest. This approach allows for a more spontaneous painting process that involves the subconscious more than the conceptual, and possibly allows for a greater degree of interpretation on the part of the viewer, by virtue of being less overtly prescriptive.

I love stories. And Miguel’s work is all about stories. Caught somewhere in the middle. Like rubber necking on the highway.

Miguel Laino1 Miguel Laino2 Miguel Laino3 Miguel Laino4 Miguel Laino5 Miguel Laino6


Andrew Mamo

7 04 2013

The first surrealist artist to use sound in his paintings.

Andrew Mamo2

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I love this guy’s work. It’s as if you superimposed the fantastic upon ambiance.

I love the use of landscape in his work. And the monochrome colours. Some of my work has used this same kind of landscape mixed with the fantastic. It works well with turn of the century (19th to 20th) cityskapes.

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