Louvriere and Venessa

6 04 2013

I love this neo Viking-Industrial-Revolution look. Reminds me of camp on the reservation.


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This couple work together on their art. They are certainly an interesting combination. Their work is dark and moody. Muddied emotions.

Jeff Louriere also worked on a video. I don’t know where he found this material. It seems to be set in some bizarre 50’s world of innocence/frivolity. And it is accompanied by heavy metal music. (I apologize if I’ve got the label wrong.) My oldest daughter is a big fan of the genre. I couldn’t stand Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer, or any of those early head banging groups when I was young. And it mattered so much. For some strange reason.

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Kirtsy Mitchell

6 04 2013

Her colours are brilliant. The images border between fantasy and nightmare. They are created photographs. Not paintings.

Kirsty-Mitchell_0 Kirsty-Mitchell-2 Kirsty-Mitchells3 Kirtsy Mitchell1 Kirtsy Mitchell4 Kirtsy Mitchell5 Kirtsy Mitchell6 Kirtsy Mitchell7