Eliseo Pau

4 04 2013

Photographer. Painter. Some of his work has that wow factor. Other pieces the ho hum. Still we worth the look.

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Bia Ferrer

4 04 2013

“Dinners, good music and lots of fantasy. Shooting was the next step and although nothing has been agreed or thought the photo flowed naturally. Unconnected scenes, blurry, poorly lit .. but full of meaning, at least to me.

I recorded these moments for almost 08 years, and not always all meetings were photographed, the picture only came when she asked .. was instinctive. Sometimes it was only one, who translated all my feelings and made a synthesis of history, others, several photos were made, as if I wanted to create a narrative that night …”

Her pictures are eclectic. Some times you have to reach into the picture to try and figure out what you are looking at. Other times the pic assaults you.

Bia Ferrer1 Bia Ferrer2 Bia Ferrer3 Bia Ferrer4 Bia Ferrer5 Bia Ferrer6 Bia Ferrer7 Bia Ferrer8 Bia Ferrer9

4 04 2013

I think I may have been too negative here. Maybe I had a hangover or was watching too much Fox News.

power of h Weblog

There is something of the naive artist in Maggie Taylor’s work. I imagine Rousseau. It is something about the mood. As you look at her work you find yourself delighted and then… bored. They have a voice but the voice is the same. It is a wonderful voice. But it reminds me of the book covers in stores where every book of a line of work will be a variation of the other. Its like a sales pitch. Or ‘branding’. Still, I do like to look at her work.

Bits of her work remind me of things I have done. Not in the technique so much as the passive voice of the images.

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