Kamil Vojnar

30 04 2013

Kamil was a priest for a while. In the ‘dark province’ as we called it in Russia. He was a man of great spirituality who made modesty a virtue.


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There isn’t much information on Vojnar. His work has this wispy spiritual quality to it. Or maybe its just years of brown outs. I always find it strange to see how many artists who grew up behind the Iron Curtain have surreal work that deals in many ways in flight. Or escape.

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Carmen Cruzat

30 04 2013

Her collage work reminds me of the naive artists like Henri Rousseau and Grandman Moses. One feels a sense of peace and tranquility when looking at her work. I know I dozed off several times. (That isn’t sarcasm. My back has been giving me problems and the pain went away as I looked at Cruzat’s work.)

Carmen Cruzat is a Chilean artist based in Santiago. She was born in 1987 and studied at the Universidad Catolica in Chile and her interest in printmaking also led her to study at Cantral St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. Through collage, she brings together 19th-century photographs and the world of her own imagination to create surrealistic new artworks. Discarded portraits of people with unknown pasts are given a new life through these suggestive images which invite us to project our own imagined narratives onto them.

Carmen Cruzat1 Carmen Cruzat2 Carmen Cruzat3 Carmen Cruzat4 Carmen Cruzat5 Carmen Cruzat6 Carmen Cruzat7

Bogdan Zwir

28 04 2013

I watched a film last night Its All About Love. It was very surreal, drawing close to being mad. Another end of the world piece. There is so much nostalgia for previous ages in the film and in Zwir’s work. And sentimentality.


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Bogdan is an interesting artist. His work is lovely to look at. The surreal quality of his collage work in echoed in his straight photographs.

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Edwin Olaf

27 04 2013

Edwin used to bowl at Plantation Bowl on Sundays. One summer he bowled a perfect game but was disqualified for foul language after his last ball was thrown. He hasn’t been seen since.


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Erwin Olaf is a Dutch photographer.  A lot of his work has the qualities that you find in a lot of collage work, that is the fantastic, the placement of odd images next to each other, humour, the absurd. A short video was made of his work and is well worth watching.

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Kelly Nicolaisen

26 04 2013

Her work is fun. Some of it is light humor. Other is parody. It is not drawn out of despair. No graveside humor. Mostly wonder and bewilderment.

Kelly Nicolaisen1 Kelly Nicolaisen2 Kelly Nicolaisen3 Kelly Nicolaisen4 Kelly Nicolaisen5 Kelly Nicolaisen6 Kelly Nicolaisen7 Kelly Nicolaisen8 Kelly Nicolaisen9 Kelly Nicolaisen10

monika nguyen

25 04 2013

monika nguyen 

Look closely. In almost every pic there is something… odd. And the architexture is modern. Almost futuristic. And everything is new. And empty. There are no messes. Is this paradise or hell?

Monika Nguyen1 Monika Nguyen2 Monika Nguyen3 Monika Nguyen4 Monika Nguyen5 Monika Nguyen6 Monika Nguyen7 Monika Nguyen8 Monika Nguyen9

Pierre Budestschu

24 04 2013

Odd. A Frenchman creating black and white sketch like pictures of iconic American images. Almost like postcards. There are no stories. More like landscapes. Except for the make of cars it is difficult to put an age on these photos. My own suspicion is that they are mostly in the 70s and 80s. Two of my favourite decades. One thing about the American landscape is that it has no plan. There is no ultimate designer. It just happened.

Pierre Budestschu1 Pierre Budestschu2 Pierre Budestschu3 Pierre Budestschu4 Pierre Budestschu5 Pierre Budestschu6 Pierre Budestschu7

Howard Mason

22 04 2013

You can see right into their souls. Great story telling. And wonderful ‘ordinariness’ in the best sense. Each of his paintings is like a chapter of Tolstoi.

Spent most of childhood in London. I love to paint figurative work showing emotions and daily life experiences. I am fascinated by expressions and the colours of skin. In 2000 I decided to find a job…

Howard Mason1 Howard Mason2 Howard Mason3 Howard Mason4 Howard Mason5 Howard Mason6 Howard Mason7

Mikko Rantanen

22 04 2013

What a lot of people don’t realize about Miko is that he represented the Finnish Olympic team in Soho, 1926. Unfortunately he was disqualified for foul language only yards away from the finish line.


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Miko Rantanen

Some artists are different, odd, and interesting. There is in Mikko Rantanen‘s work the look of a child’s sensitivity. He combines cut-outs of flat spaces with collage pieces in clever and amusing ways.

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Takahiro Kimura

21 04 2013

I love this guy’s work. Its one of those great surprises when your back is acting up and  your wife has run off to the mall because she’s restless and its Sunday and finally getting warmer.

Takahiro Kimura

Takahiro Kimura1 Takahiro Kimura2 Takahiro Kimura3 Takahiro Kimura4 Takahiro Kimura5 Takahiro Kimura6 Takahiro Kimura7 Takahiro Kimura8 Takahiro Kimura9 Takahiro Kimura10