Meghan Boody

27 03 2013

A surreal name. Very nice work. Especially for someone who was born bald.


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I like Boody’s work. It has that “Alice in Wonderland’ feel about it.

Many of her pieces look like what I call fictional photographs. As if you had entered the world of someone’s imagination and taken photos. As if you were a tourist.  This is one piece that I did that I think falls into that category.

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Joshua Hagler

27 03 2013

Joshua Hagler. What an interesting artist. Some of his work resembles the Flemish painters Bosch and Brueghel. Their works are filled with imagery and metaphors. And so I Hagler’s. Plus his work has that easy surreal flow about it. Collage like. His work is political. And also a social commentary.

The Evangelists from Joshua Hagler on Vimeo.

Joshua Hagler1 Joshua Hagler2 Joshua Hagler3 Joshua Hagler4 Joshua Hagler5 Joshua Hagler6 Joshua Hagler7 Joshua Hagler8 Joshua Hagler9