Daniel Franke and Cedric Kiefer

31 03 2013

The process would be difficult to explain. If you are curious go to this sight. http://www.verve-magazine.com/2012/03/unnamed-soundsculpture-by-daniel-franke-cedric-kiefer/

This is  a dance routine. Done by sand.

She should be arrested.

31 03 2013

When me and my friends (teenage boys) first saw Shirley Bassey perform Goldfinger, we were shocked. How could someone be so sexy. And get away with it.

This is a woman who still makes things move.

Maria Konstanse Bruun

31 03 2013

Maria Konstanse Bruun. Lives in a bizarre world. Everything is somewhat out of place. Or people are out of place. Topsy Turvy.

Maria Konstanse Bruun1 Maria Konstanse Bruun2 Maria Konstanse Bruun3 Maria Konstanse Bruun4 Maria Konstanse Bruun5 Maria Konstanse Bruun6 Maria Konstanse Bruun7 Maria Konstanse Bruun8 Maria Konstanse Bruun9


31 03 2013

I have a cat. His name is Felix. He is to be kind, mentally challenged. And yet very affectionate. These pics tell it all.


♥ The Tale Of My Heart ♥

Wow… speechless..

Just posting for some humor let see what you say….. hahahaaaaaaaaa



Have a great weekend everyone…… 🙂

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my kingdom for a head

30 03 2013

I found this so intriguing. Like a new life form. (I know what it is in reality. I think) But I saw it as actually living in this room. Walking around. Maybe doing the vacuuming.


Kahn and Selesnick

30 03 2013

The first ship to Mars will be taking off next spring. Its already booked. They’re going to call it the H.G. Welles. After the famous actor, I presume. Or maybe it was the author. Or the shipping company. Ya, that makes sense.

Kahn and Selesnick5

power of h Weblog

Love the stuff these two guys have created. Especially I was intrigued by their work on a fictional Mars. In some ways all collage work is like exploration in space. You never know what you will find. And what you find is always beyond anything you imagined.

It reminds me of a series I created about a fictional planet called Jack.

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Robert Vanderhost

29 03 2013

Lovely paintings. Mad ideas. One of the least known best artists of his generation. I hate that expression. Sounds so pompous. Nevertheless this guys work is a joy. Robert Vanderhorst.


Robert Vanderhorst1 Robert Vanderhorst2 Robert Vanderhorst3 Robert Vanderhorst4 Robert Vanderhorst5 Robert Vanderhorst6 Robert Vanderhorst7

Robert ParkeHarrison

28 03 2013

These are very bizarre. At the same time they appear to be out of the history of the early collagists.

robert_parkeharrison3 robert_parkeharrison4

power of h Weblog

ParkeHarrision is a collaborative affair. It is highly intellectual and political. They do wonderful work, even without a program to read. The collages are dripping with atmosphere and humour. I plan on investigating their methods though I doubt that I could recreate anything close to their achievement.

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Matthew Quick

28 03 2013

Matthew Quick. Is very clever. His visual puns are both arresting and innovative. I’d like to see them in a movie.

Matthew Quick1 Matthew Quick2 Matthew Quick3 Matthew Quick4 Matthew Quick5 Matthew Quick6

Meghan Boody

27 03 2013

A surreal name. Very nice work. Especially for someone who was born bald.


power of h Weblog

I like Boody’s work. It has that “Alice in Wonderland’ feel about it.

Many of her pieces look like what I call fictional photographs. As if you had entered the world of someone’s imagination and taken photos. As if you were a tourist.  This is one piece that I did that I think falls into that category.

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