Margaret Brundage

26 02 2013

I’ll bet when I was a pre-teener that I gawked at her covers thousands of times. Interesting artist and article.

Margaret Brundage

The Year of Halloween

Margaret Brundage circa 1930 Kittens, February is Women in Horror Month, and I’d like to kick things off here at The Year of Halloween with a gallery of vintage horror art by artist Margaret Brundage, one of the few female cover artists of the pulp era. Struggling to support a family during the Great Depression, Margaret, a freelance fashion illustrator in the 1920’s, became the principle cover artist for Weird Tales between 1933 and 1938, translating the look and feel of contemporary women’s magazines to the lurid pulp magazine covers of the era.

Cover of Weird Tales (November 1935), feature story is Robert E. Howard's Shadows in Zamboula. Cover art M Brundage

Originally signing her work with only her first initial, the controversy of Ms. Brundage’s provocative covers skyrocketed when she was revealed to be a woman in 1934. Although some contemporary authors dismissed her art as “trash” – even spreading rumors that Margaret used her teen-aged daughter as a model (in reality, she only had one child – a son) – the…

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