Caitlin Eady

26 01 2013

I heard this artist was from Hamilton. Which is quite impossible. No one is from Hamilton. That’s like her art. There and not there. Meaning and no meaning. Just my cup of soup.

caitlin eady 2 caitlin eady 3 caitlin eady 4 caitlin eady5 caitlin eady6 caitlin_eady111

Kai McCall

25 01 2013

Juxtaposition. Odd pieces of stories face to face. Conflict. Or at least things seem at variance. Like a crossroad. These are snap shots of stories as yet unfinished. Perhaps caught somewhere in the middle. Images that are difficult to fathom and forget. Kai McCall.

Kai McCall1 Kai McCall2 Kai McCall3 Kai Mccall4 Kai McCall5 Kai McCall6 Kai McCall7 Kai McCall8 Kai McCall9

Justin Gershenson-Gates

24 01 2013

Jewelry. Sculpture. I don’t know what to call it. Justin Gershenson-Gates. The mind behind this work. It is breathtaking in its skill and patience. I have trouble threading a needle.

Justin Gershenson-Gates1 Justin Gershenson-Gates2 Justin Gershenson-Gates3 Justin Gershenson-Gates4 Justin Gershenson-Gates5 Justin Gershenson-Gates6

Ghazaal Naghshbandy

23 01 2013

Ghazaal Naghshbandy. Beautiful name and beautiful work. Don’t know a lot about this artist.

Ghazaal Naghshbandy1 Ghazaal Naghshbandy2 Ghazaal Naghshbandy3 Ghazaal Naghshbandy4


22 01 2013

Mentalgassi is a Berlin art collective. Love their stuff. Its fun.

mentalgassi1 mentalgassi2 mentalgassi3 mentalgassi4 mentalgassi5 mentalgassi6 mentalgassi7 mentalgassi8 mentalgassi9

Theodore Chasseriau.

21 01 2013

Theodore Chasseriau. I was writing a mean spirited and critical review of Chasseriau’s work when the blog disappeared. About what has happened to much of his work. And interest in his work. The models in his painting are almost yawning.

TheodoreChasseriau8 Theodore-Chasseriau7 theodore-chasseriau6 theodore-chasseriau5 TheodoreChasseriau4 TheodoreChasseriau3 theodore-chasseriau2 TheodoreChasseriau1

Arnold Bocklin

19 01 2013

Arnold Bocklin. He is called a symbolist painter. Lots of metaphors and symbolism. He would have fit well into the 1970s neon poster craze.

Influenced by Romanticism his painting is symbolist with mythological subjects often overlapping with the Pre-Raphaelites. His pictures portray mythological, fantastical figures along classical architecture constructions (often revealing an obsession with death) creating a strange, fantasy world.

Perhaps its my age or the age I’m living in but I shake my head looking at Bocklin’s work. It seems kind of juvenile. Like Batman movies (which I love).

Arnold Bocklin1 ARNOLD BOCKLIN4 Arnold Bocklin6 Arnold Bocklin7 Arnold Bocklin8 arnold_bocklin2 Arnold_Bocklin3 Arnold_Böcklin5 Arnold_Böcklin8 Arnold_Boecklin3