27 01 2013

If you’re home on a Saturday night you might find this piece interesting. I did. I like the article better than the artist and his work. But that’s another story.

Cesar Santander

27 01 2013

“Once I conceive an idea for a painting, I arrange the objects and then use the camera to produce the strongest photographic example of my original idea. Then I paint the photographic image. Superficially, I appear to copy the photograph, but I make many adjustments to the photographic image as I complete the painting. I try to impose my own vision by subtle adjustment of colours, edges and details so that the finished painting is the strongest representation of the original idea.” – Cesar Santander

I had to look twice at some of his work to realize that they were paintings. Its not just his skill but the question. Why would you paint that?

Cesar Santander (8) Cesar Santander (13) Cesar Santander 9 Cesar Santander1 Cesar Santander2 Cesar Santanger 1 CesarSantander01