Anthony Ackrill

14 01 2013

Metaphor. It screams at you. From each painting. Or many of them. The work is very surreal. Rendered beautifully.

”Anthony Ackrill is the only painter I know who combines an amazing ability when it comes to traditional technical skills with a very modern sense of subject matter. Painting a human navel on a silver platter in a realistic manner would appeal to both Courbet and Duchamp.

Ackrill’s multi-figural compositions exhibit Old Master technical skills yet again there is a very modern sensibility. The figures all have a sense of being here and now even though they are rendered in a manner that would delight Correggio.”

Dr. Gregory Hedberg Ph.D.
Curator of Contemporary Art
Hirschl & Adler Galleries, New York

Anthony Ackrill 23 Anthony Ackrill 25 Anthony Ackrill1 Anthony Ackrill2 Anthony Ackrill3 Anthony Ackrill4 Anthony Ackrill5