Peter Wise

7 01 2013

Peter Wise is a fine artist. Like many collagists he has a fine sense of humor. And does not put art on any pedestals. Unless it is to stick his tongue out at it.

Peter Wise1 Peter Wise2 Peter Wise3 Peter Wise4 Peter Wise5 Peter Wise6 Peter Wise7

7 01 2013

This young artist has discovered some interesting things. This animation of a house is one of them.

I am really into this gif thing in the last time, they are just so much better than just pictures, like a mix between picture and film, how awesome is that? So this project is made by INSA and Stanley Downwood. To be honest: I looked at the other works of them alone and I didn’t like them because it is so simple and stupid so I’m surprised that I like the project they did together. But as this is the case I wanted to show it to you guys, so here it is:



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