3 01 2013

Just plain fascinating.

Wonderful Cinema

Submerging oneself in Lech Majewski’s The Mill and the Cross is a fascinating and totally original experience.

This drama starring Rutger Hauer, Charlotte Rampling and Michael York brings to life the painting “The Procession to Calvary” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Painted in 1564, Bruegel’s masterpiece depicts Christ carrying the Cross set in a large landscape. Christ’s suffering is set against religious persecution in Flanders in the 16th century. You can admire the painting here.

Director Majewski takes inspiration from Michael Francis Gibson’s book, “The Mill and the Cross”, a detailed analysis of the painting, published in 1996.

A mesmerising piece of cinema.


You can find more information on this Polish-Swedish co-production on Wikipedia and IMDb. Ignore the IMDb rating – the masses are not to be trusted!

As always, we recommend you don’t ruin any surprises by reading spoilers or watching this trailer:


Title: The Mill and the Cross

Language: English

Direction: Lech Majewski

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Krassimir Kolev

3 01 2013

Krassimir Kolev made me laugh. Kind of a guttural laugh. The guy is having fun with his work and the history of art and it shows.

Krassimir Kolev1 Krassimir Kolev2 Krassimir Kolev3 Krassimir Kolev4 Krassimir Kolev5 Krassimir Kolev6 Krassimir Kolev7 Krassimir Kolev8

Salvatore Santoddì

3 01 2013

I look at Salvatore Santoddì‘s and I think of symbols and angels. Everything in the work is a metaphor. Like art from the middle-ages filled with religious meaning. But in Santoddi’s work this imagery is personal. Dangerous country. It is like collage work but without the wit.

“Working on space with profound consciousness, Salvatore Santodd separates the elements of the composition, creating new, unusual times and spaces, almost like a gardener working a garden with his own particular rules on nature and landscape. An emotional garden – made up of landscapes and figures, sometimes female figures fluctuating like flower corollas in a pond – flourishing with tempting red roses alluding to the erotic world or white loti reminding of the experience and meditation worlds.Sometimes the two flowers flow one into the other, in a mystic transit where the artist combines his artistic path with his existential vision.” (D. Amoroso)

Salvatore Santoddi1 Salvatore Santoddi2 Salvatore Santoddi3 Salvatore Santoddi4 Salvatore Santoddi5 Salvatore Santoddi6 Salvatore Santoddi7