Daniel Uytterhaeghe

31 12 2012

Daniel Uytterhaeghe The artist paints landscapes. In particular city landscapes. And they are beautiful. The people in them are part of the city. He doesn’t tell stories as much as describe the scene. And, in many works, the scene is cars, roads, buildings, people. And motion. I like his work. I wouldn’t like to spell his name. And I have no idea how to pronounce it.

Daniel Uytterhaeghe1 Daniel Uytterhaeghe2 Daniel Uytterhaeghe3 Daniel Uytterhaeghe4 Daniel Uytterhaeghe5 Daniel Uytterhaeghe6 Daniel Uytterhaeghe7 Daniel Uytterhaeghe8

More Christmas listening: ‘Lux Aurumque’

30 12 2012

a beautiful sound. on a Saturday evening it can make you feel at peace with yourself.

the candle

Eric Whitacre is the rock star of the choral world. His innovative “virtual choir” is a phenomenon, watched by millions online. And this lovely piece, “Lux Aurumque,” is perfect for the Christmas season.

The text is a Latin translation (by Charles Anthony Silvestri) of an English poem, “Light and Gold,” by Edward Esch:

calida gravisque
pura velut aurum
et canunt angeli
molliter modo natum.
warm and heavy
as pure gold,
and the angels sing softly
to the newborn babe.

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Philip Marlow

30 12 2012

Philip Marlow. His paintings are like out of focus photographs. Or a series of brightly lit balls. Like life was floating on the surface of reality. Almost faeire like. I love  his work. It has a  spiritual quality about it. As if ordinary life were lit up.

PhilipBarlow1 PhilipBarlow2 PhilipBarlow3 PhilipBarlow4 PhilipBarlow5 PhilipBarlow6 PhilipBarlow7 PhilipBarlow8

Super Future Kid

29 12 2012

Super Future Kid. The work is fun. In  a random sort of way. There is a lot of personality in the work. Even wit. But it is a mask. Like the name of the artist (or s). Anonymity comes at a price. Anonymity.

Super Future Kid1 Super Future Kid2 Super Future Kid3 Super Future Kid4 Super Future Kid5 Super Future Kid6

Takahiro Kimura

28 12 2012

I have blogged on this artist several times. Her signature/style is the same for all of her work. And I never tire of it. Something very satisfying about each piece. Takahiro Kimura.

LAST DINNER by Takahiro Kimura from Diane Pernet’s ASVOFF on Vimeo.

Watch more Takahiro Kimura videos on Frequency

Takahiro Kimura1 Takahiro Kimura2 Takahiro Kimura3 Takahiro Kimura4 Takahiro Kimura5 Takahiro Kimura6

Marie Harnett

28 12 2012

This artist can draw. These are fine sketches. They’re taken from films. What I like about them is the story. You’re right into something that is going on. And the intimacy. Just lovely to look at. Marie Harnett.

Marie-Harnett3 Marie-Harnett4 Marie-Harnett5 Marie-Harnett6 Marie-Harnett7 Marie-Harnett9 Marie-Harnett12 Marie-Harnett18

Damien Loeb

27 12 2012

Obsession. And emptyness. Damien Loeb. When I look at his work I see the rooms empty of the central figure. The nude woman is not there. She is a thought. To fill a terrible void. A nothingness.

Damien Loeb6 Damien Loeb1 Damien Loeb2 Damien Loeb3 Damien Loeb4 Damien Loeb5 Damien Loeb6

Mobius and Iyeoka

26 12 2012

I love this artist’s visual work. And I love the voice he has introduced to me.

and a happy new year

25 12 2012

Christmas12 single

Francesco Hayez

24 12 2012

Sex, violence, nudity, action, romance. Everything you want in your masterpiece. Francesco Hayez.

Francesco Hayez1 Francesco Hayez2 Francesco Hayez3 Francesco Hayez4 Francesco Hayez5 Francesco Hayez6 Francesco_Hayez_017 Francesco_Hayez_024