Lorella Paleni

18 11 2012

The first time I saw a picture that was a reflection was a photograph that my father took of himself as a reflection in a shop window. He was in England. In the Canadian army. It was the early 1940s. I don’t know what happened to that photo. But ever since I have been attracted to art that has the feel of reflection. That the artist was beside me looking at the image.

On the other hand perhaps it was because of my reading of Plato’s The Cave in The Republic. The allegory of the cave has been a huge factor in my perception of reality. I love Ms. Paleni’s work. You just can’t stop looking at it.

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intervista a Lorella Paleni from notitlegallery on Vimeo.

Archibald Motley

16 11 2012

There is in Archibald Motley a tremendous joy. Movement. Dance. Music. Sex. Being young and being alive. What a wonderful experience.

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Palmer Hayden

16 11 2012

Some of his paintings are uncomfortable. They almost seem like racial stereotypes. But as you explore more of Hayden’s work you can see him as a chronicler, telling the stories of those who lived in the same streets as himself. Like Breughel, Hayden brings out the human everyday lives of common people.

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Aaron Douglas

15 11 2012

In the early days of the 2oth century there was a rise in all the cultural avenues of the black experience in America. Much of this happened in Harlem. Aaron Douglas was part of what has been labelled the Harlem Renaissance.

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Heidi P

13 11 2012

Heidi P. A Danish artist paints big. Her work is a collage of childhood like images. Of innocence and horror. It is as if she transported walls from her own childhood and put them on canvas.

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Edgar Leissing

12 11 2012

Edgar Leissing. Landscapes. From below. Humans contorted. From above. Perspective is everything. Viewpoint. Always the vortex. As if all life revealed itself to you. Even when that revelation is chaos.

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Ahmet Murat Karayilan

11 11 2012

I’m an artist painter. I’ve studied Mathematics, Woodworks Industrial Engineering + Fine Arts. My art is influenced by Heidegger. Indeed, each figure of mine is ‘Dasein’: aware of existing in time… 

So says Ahmet Murat Karayilan. The combination of 2 and 3 dimensional figures, the use of geometry and paint certainly seems grounded in philosophy. There is a real existential quality about the figures. Strange also that they appear to have that wonderful profile of the early Greeks.

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