Scott Prior

8 11 2012

Scott Prior. There is such a sense of silence in Prior’s work. And emptiness. The paintings seem religious but without a God.

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The Creator @ FACT

8 11 2012

A terrific surreal experience. Could be a trailer for a movie.

Written and directed by Al Holmes and Al Taylor (Al and Al).

Alan Turing was a man of many exceptional feats; he gave birth to the modern day computer with his development of modern day computer science, algorithm, mathematical computation in his ‘Turing Machine’ and he also played a major part in cracking the Enigma Code during World War 2 at Bletchley Park for the Allied forces. Turing was a mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and computer scientist. He was so brilliant and ahead of his time he moved onwards from computer science before it had even taken off. Alan Turing, to say the least was a genius.

Despite his exceptional mind however, he faced the challenges imposed by the society of his time – being a homosexual man was illegal in the UK at the time. When his sexuality was discovered he had a choice of imprisonment or chemical…

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