Sergejj Bizjaev

30 11 2012

Sergejj Bizjaev. He uses the female form as a format for the bizarre. Once again, it is a young model. I go on about this because of the obvious objectifying of the female form. Or perhaps that is necessary if you are going to play. I like his work. But I’m not sure it is a comfortable response.

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Faith Ringgold

29 11 2012

Faith Ringgold has this emotional attachment to the street. To life outside herself. Not introspection but joy. She works in quilts. Her quilts are stories, histories of the life she has witnessed. Wonderful stuff.

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Jacob Lawrence

28 11 2012

So much of Jacob Lawrence’s work has to do with work. People at their jobs. An honesty and dignity that is missed in news headlines regarding African Americans. Lawrence’s work is filled with stories. His colours are flat and bright. High energy.

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Deborah Stevenson

27 11 2012

The basis for a lot of collage work is humor. The pictures are like jokes. Twists of irony. Deborah Stevenson has a zany personality. Visually. We’ve never met personally. Like alone.

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Luiz Dourado

26 11 2012

The attraction of celebrity. Luiz Dourado’s collages of the famous are both beautifully rendered and perplexing. They are simple but difficult to understand. I don’t always get them. I imagined to myself how interesting they would be if they were images of say… Victor Genova. Victor is well known, loved, and respected amongst his friends and colleagues in Canada. But outside the country? Would his image have any impact inside Dourado’s collages? Or is it the cinematic charisma of Robert Redford that makes his collage attractive? I don’t know. Neither does Victor.

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Edward Kaplan

25 11 2012

Slices of life. Which means that not much has happened. Small stories. Capturing most of those moments in our lives when we’re not doing much to raise our blood pressure. But very beautiful. I love Edward Kaplan’s work.

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An interview with Edward Kaplan.



I have been dead

25 11 2012

for several days. My puter went down. Crashed. But it is alive again. Alive, I tell you.

Have to upload all my programs. Some of which I’ve thrown out important numbers. Like Photoshop. My poor poor dear photoshop. But I won’t lose faith. Not while there’s one last drop of scotch. Or carrot.