Emmanuel Polanco

31 10 2012

Emmanuel Polanco. Another crazy collage maker. Inventive. Fun. Sometimes insightful.

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Emmanuel Polanco / Canal Savoir / Montréal from Colagene on Vimeo.

Juan Barletta

30 10 2012

Juan Barletta. Silly putty. Iconic porno poses. Picasso. Its all in the blender. Social commentary. The female form manipulated into horror film like images. As if Barletta had taken Penthouse and put it through a sausage machine.

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Cecil Williams

29 10 2012

Cecil Williams. This is an artist who loves his subjects. Some of the work is nostalgic, even sentimental but it has the ring of truth about it. As if Williams were introducing you to his neighbours. I love the naivety in it. Love the story telling. Wish that I felt this way.

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Wolfgang Dieter Bauer

28 10 2012

Wolfgang Dieter Bauer. The wealthy. The young. Healthy. Moments in a day for those who can afford to lounge. I don’t know if this is social commentary. Or if Bauer loves this world. There is no paranoia. No fear that it could suddenly end. Nothing joyous or passionate. Everything seems cool. Aloof. Matter of fact.

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Carmelo Canales

27 10 2012

Carmelo Canales. His work on first glance reminds me of the early work of Ed Kuris. Portrait paintings. From the inside. But he also uses a collage affect with his painting. Maps. Like journeys in the minds of his subjects. The work is very controlled. With large flat spaces of blank colours. Its very dramatic.

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Thomas Saliot

25 10 2012

Thomas Saliot  is a wonderful artist. His work is fascinating. His story lines are provocative. Some of his work is sexual. My only complaint is that the women, the streets the stories all seem to come out of “Vanity” or like magazines. Things are too pristine.

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And I just love this song.

Michael Meyersfeld

25 10 2012

You sometimes run across artists who are ‘professionals’. I hate the term. There are no professional artists. We’re all amateurs. But there are people like Meyersfeld who can make a living at art. And his work is very professional. And there are stories in his work which make them especially interesting to me.

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Where is David Fromm?

18 10 2012

I have been disabled. Attacked by forces that can only be described as a ‘tea party’ viciousness.

Ysabel LeMay

15 10 2012

Ysabel LeMay. Beautiful work. A kind of quietness in her presentation. Her view of nature as being poetry is naive. At the same time it is very powerful. And her work rises above the ordinary visions of birds, bees and flowers.

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14 10 2012

You have to see it…

power of h Weblog

Perhaps the greatest response I have had to a blog is the blog I did on Rauzier. Sometimes you just want to cry. You see something that is so interesting. Intriguing. Something you never thought of. (Until you wife tells you what it reminds you of). Its called hyperphotos. Take some time at this sight and… (forgive me)  you’ll blow your mind.

You must go to the sight to get the effects. You will not be disappointed.


There is an interesting interview with him in English.


His work reminds me of the Flemish painter Van Eyck.

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