Jon McNaughton

2 09 2012

It wouldn’t be fair to any artist to judge his work by the walls that hang his art.

His artwork depicts strong Caucasian Christian morals. His themes center on God, faith, trust, our founding fathers, church history, our current corrupt and illegal President, and Godly nature.

We’ll let the racist expression ‘Caucasian Christian’ go by the wayside. And if you watch the video that McNaughton created, he talks about the persecution of Christians in the world today. (Not I think in the Bible Belt of the United States.) Artists say some stupid things. Perhaps McNaughton has used up his quota. But then none of us knows how long we have on this earth.

I placed some other paintings done of Judgment Day which puts Mr. McNaughton’s paintings in some very rich company. Although I will say the prints of Michelangelo are quite a bit cheaper. Of course Michelangelo no longer gets a cut of the profits. And I don’t see Washington, Jefferson or Lincoln in the Sistine Chapel. Nor are there any American flags. Of course the republic wasn’t around when these paintings were done, but would the Catholic Church see McNaughton’s paintings as a parody of these originals? Is he making fun of Jesus?

One thing I have noticed about McNaughton’s work is that the faces of famous people look remarkably like pictures I’ve seen before. Photographs. Nothing wrong with that. Although you might want to make the characters different heights. Perhaps we should call the paintings ‘collages’.

Another thing. It looks like the picture of Abraham Lincoln, Washington etc. are stamps. Like matching heads to bodies. Did he photoshop them? Also nothing wrong with that? But its good to see that all the fathers of the American Republic are in such good shape. Our young people could take a lesson from that when they’re munching down those Mac fries.

One thing more. If you’re going to spell your name Jon, it is pronounced, ‘Yawn’.

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2 responses

3 09 2012
Glennie Bee

Holy Kinkade, I’m speechless. The Via Dolorosa film should come with a warning.

3 09 2012
David Halliday

Sorry about that. I was just so swept away by his brilliance. (Tongue in cheek)

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