Nancy Scheinman

31 07 2012

Nancy Scheinman‘s work is beautiful. Each piece looks deeply layered. Images and accident lay side by side. There are many subtle suggestions. One could quite imagine these works being much sought after. I love her use of relief and her palette. (God, I’m getting to sound like Joan Rivers.)

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When you go to her sight and you look at her galleries, it begins to look like a production line. Each piece is constructed in the same manner. The artist would almost be better off letting you look at a handful of her work and leaving the rest in the closet to be let out after she has sold those public pieces. Her work is expensive. That in itself should have no bearing on the work. But I do get the impression that she is part of the market in art. Something about which I know nothing.



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31 07 2012
Beauty and Dreams

Holy moley! So pretty.

31 07 2012
David Halliday

Yes, they are. I imagine that they are even more impressive if you see them live. (You know what I mean.)

31 07 2012

Thank you for posting my images on your blog, and your kind words. My work is actually very intuitive, but I am somewhat obsessive, and therefore, each work has a border, that frames or gives context to the narrative and I use very small tacks to apply the various pieces that are collaged. I hand emboss and patina my copper, thus the work is very textured and labor intensive. The viewer is not really able to see the depth in photos. My work evolves very slowly, so to the occasional or new viewer it may seem very similar, unless viewed in person. But with every new series, I make changes,(in my mind enormously) but to the viewer, probably less so. I recently had an exhibit in Santa Fe at the Jane Sauer Gallery, and will be participating in SOFA Chicago in November. I have enjoyed reading the other entries on your blog as well! Best regards, Nancy Scheinman

31 07 2012
David Halliday

Well, you’re obviously a very talented artist. Looking at the one photograph with you in front of your work made me realize that the net does not do your pieces justice. They have both size and detail and photographs don’t do them justice. I hope to see more of your work in the future. Good luck.

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