14 07 2012

I love street art. And here is a real gourmet meal of it. One of the things that occurred to me as I looked at this work was the importance of the camera, of the person photographing the work. I gives it context and borders.

14 07 2012

Its the weekend. Here’s a short film to keep you awake.


A short film retelling Titian’s Metamorphosis for The National Gallery, London
Starring Anna Friel and Ed Speleers
Dir: Tell No One
Prod: Chris Massey
Prod Co. Skin Flicks

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Marcin Owczarek

14 07 2012

It appears that the post-apocalyptic world has almost become a genre in art. The first thing  you notice about Owczarek’s work is the lack of colour. The greys, tans, and sepia tinges give the pieces a world weary look. As if someone had landed on our planet and discovered some old photographs. The second thing I noticed was the layers. There are many levels to each piece as if skin were being peeled. Torture? The third thing (there is always a third thing) is the lack of humor. The world is bland but the work is not.

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