Grete Stern

12 07 2012

Grete Stern was an emigre from Nazi Germany who moved to England and finally to Argentina. The images in her work grow into new images. I find her work exciting and very clever. If I had seen her work when I was young I would have said that she had a great influence on me. Many of her(visual) ideas are similar to my own. But I only discovered her recently.Although much of her work had a commercial/utilitarian purpose, illustrating dreams of readers of a woman’s magazine, the images stand on their own without explanation.

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Marek Skrobecki

12 07 2012

Danny Boy: A beautiful song and a beautiful little short film.

dir. Marek Skrobecki / 2010 / Poland / 10 min

Selected for the Academy Awards© 2011: Best Animated Short

MAREK SKROBECKI – D.I.M. by coodoo

A discussion of Skrobecki’s work.