Erwan Le Vourch

2 07 2012

Le Vourch uses both digital and cut and paste for his collages. I think his digital collages are more affective. Although I like the courage to do simple collages, many of these cut and paste collages seem pedestrian. But just when your opinion sours you run across a collage that is enlightening and fun. Perhaps it is all subjective.

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And the origins of SPAM which has been given a bad name lately. But really is nutricious. And used to be very good on toast and mustard. And now I can’t eat it. Because of the name.

Flippy Cat

2 07 2012

This is dominoes. A political theory. And a painstaking recreation of “Starry Night”. Everyone is fascinated by dominoes. And what people do with them. Like being locked up in a prison of obsession.

and here’s the Mona Lisa

Done by flippy cat